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Accessibility rating: 1 for general science audience, 2 for general physics audience, 3 for astrophysics audience

Nov 16, 2021: Princeton / IAS Astrophysics Colloquium by Nadia Zakamska on "White dwarf astrophysics in the era of modern surveys". Accessibility rating: 3

Video here.

Dec 1, 2020: Department of Physics and Astronomy had presentations to the Department's Advisory Council from all three disciplines represented in the department -- presentations by Nadia Zakamska, Melissa Diamond and Yishu Wang. Accessibility rating: 2

Video here.

Feb 19, 2016: Institute for Advanced Study held a public discussion of LIGO announcement moderated by Director Robbert Dijkgraaf, with panelists Matias Zaldarriaga, Scott Tremaine, Nadia Zakamska and Doron Kushnir. Accessibility rating: 1

Video here.

May 10, 2013: Public lecture by Nadia L. Zakamska on galaxy formation and galactic winds at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ, by invitation of the Association of Members of the IAS. Here are the materials used in the lecture:

Slides in the PDF format

Because of space limitations, I removed the movies from the presentation, but in the PDF file I included the links to all movies I used (and much more). Accessibility rating: 1

The link to the full recording is here.