Here you can find supplementary materials for the paper by Matthew J. Hill and Nadia L. Zakamska ``Warm molecular hydrogen in outflows from Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies", 2014, MNRAS, 439, 2701. The paper is available on arXiv here and here is the ADS abstract.

Download this file which contains two directories:

-- Directory "tables", with six files tab*_final.dat containing all the data for all the tables in the paper. Every file has a header describing the contents of the table (also explained in the text of the paper).

-- Directory "spitzer_spectra" with 115 data files for Spitzer spectra of the 115 objects presented in the paper. The files are named in accordance with the object identifications shown in Table 1, except the sign of the declination is replaced by a letter ('m' for 'minus' or negative declination, 'p' for 'plus' or positive declination). All files are of the same size and in the same format. The pointing of the Spitzer observation and the names and units of the data columns are shown in the header of each data file.

If you use these data, please reference the paper. Enjoy!

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