This page contains papers that have not yet been posted to astroph, but are in good enough shape to be shown to limited audience. Once the papers are publicly available, they are removed from here. Therefore, if you got to this webpage to find a particular paper and do not see it, check out these publicly available papers instead.

[Everything that we have submitted in the last few months is currently public on arXiv. Let me know if you are looking for anything specific that you have been unable to find.]

Currently in prep:

Alexandroff et al. "Limits on molecular outflows from high-redshift obscured and red quasars"

Zakamska and Alexandroff "Kinematic models for spectropolarimetry of active nuclei"

Sun et al. "Host galaxies of high redshift obscured and red quasars"

Zakamska, published in 2018 in American Journal of Physics, "Relativistic jets: an astrophysical laboratory for the Doppler effect" -- this one does not show up on ADS.

And here are a couple of older non-refereed articles which may be more difficult to find online:

The Gemini Focus article by Liu and Zakamska is published, here are the proofs of the article:
PDF proofs

The conference proceedings on jet emission (Blandford et al.):