Status of recent papers: in addition to these publicly available papers, the following papers are in progress:

Goulding, Zakamska et al., submitted to ApJ , "High redshift extremely red quasars in X-rays"

Zakamska, accepted to American Journal of Physics, "Relativistic jets: an astrophysical laboratory for the Doppler effect"

Hwang et al., submitted to MNRAS, "Winds as the origin of radio emission in z=2.5 radio-quiet extremely red quasars"

Qin et al, submitted to MNRAS, "Mira-based distance to the Galactic Center"

Alexandroff et al. submitted to MNRAS, "Spectropolarimetry of high-redshift obscured and red quasars"

Dempsey and Zakamska, submitted to MNRAS, "The size-luminosity relationship of the narrow-line regions of quasars"

Lambrides et al., submitted to MNRAS, "Warm molecular gas and dust in active galaxies"

Currently in preparation in our group:

He et al. "Morphology of AGN ionization regions in MaNGA survey"

Hall et al. "Clustered infrared background around high-redshift quasars"

Alexandroff et al. "Limits on molecular outflows from high-redshift obscured and red quasars"

Zakamska and Alexandroff "Kinematic models for spectropolarimetry of active nuclei"

And here are a couple of older non-refereed articles which may be more difficult to find online:

The Gemini Focus article by Liu and Zakamska is published, here are the proofs of the article:
PDF proofs

The conference proceedings on jet emission (Blandford et al.):